Personal Histories Artist Book Exhibition

Personal Histories Artist Book Exhibition invites interested book and paper artists from around the globe to participate in a public exhibition at Redland Museum, (Cleveland, Queensland, Australia) by sharing parts of their own personal history in book art or paper.

Exhibition runs Sunday 12 October until Sunday 30 November 2014.

For more information or to receive a submission form please contact the Coordinator, Robyn Foster (email:

Delivery of works by Friday 26 September 2014.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Feature Artist - JENNY HOAK

is an artist born and raised in Boise, Idaho, USA and has resided there for thirty years.  She is currently teaching in her fourth year at the Cooperative Preschool in downtown Boise.  Jenny is a senior at Boise State University and will graduate this coming December.  She is a dual BFA major in Art Education and Visual Arts, and is also pursuing a minor in Spanish.  Jenny explores a variety of printmaking processes within her work, and has recently been exploring the possibilities of intaglio etching and screenprint.

Jenny's submission for the Personal Histories exhibition is entitled "Meet Me There", an accordion fold format book with etchings, screen print and cut outs.

"Dreams serve as pathways to other worlds that blur the boundary between the real and the imaginative.  My subconscious is easily manipulated by my interaction with painful memories and family documents.  As a child, the influence of these experiences led to nightmares, but as an adult my journey has been much different.  Now I encounter spaces where my feelings of sadness and grief transform into sceneries of peace, contentment and harmony.

Recreating my dreams is an essential element of my grieving and my work.  The process of etching is therapeutic  for me as I peel away more of a memory and reveal one more layer of myself.  "Meet Me There" is inspired by unresolved emotions surrounding events from my childhood.  The etchings reflect the diverse dream-like worlds I encounter when searching for my father and are a direct response to the grief I feel regarding his physical absence."


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Feature Artist - ÅSA BOSTRÖM

is a Swedish artist living in the woods in the North of Sweden and on the road.

Åsa is a traveller and collector of materials, a writer of poems, fairytales and non-fiction.  She is also a Yoga and writing teacher,  an explorer of comparative religion and a creator of multi-layered, ecology-based artefacts.

Åsa makes mixed media artefacts that merge visual, sculptural and literary art.  The materials she uses are objects, narratives and concepts collected from various aesthetic and spiritual traditions, found on travels and personal pilgrimages.  The result is multi-layered, ecology-based wall pieces and sculptures, shifting between the figurative and the abstract.

"I write poems, prose and fairytales, and combine texts, my own as well as others, with form and visual elements, experimenting with expressions of what text, writing, reading can be.  Text as something more than a two dimensional surface, text as texture and form, and even something to physically interact with and embody.

For me, objects with natural patina, where traces of history are visible, have an inherent beauty, reflecting the rhythms of life, with its full friction and complexity, exposing layers of meaning, knowledge, experience in constant change.  By working with these worn materials, I strive to embrace perfection in imperfection, placing as much value on the process as on the final result."

"As in many spiritual traditions, I consider my work to be something of a window through which the beholder, as well as the art piece itself, is both the seer and the seen.  By expressing what is meaningful to me, I strive to contact the subjective with the common, to give the personal a collective resonance.

My work is both invocative and evocative.  The working process and the artworks themselves function as instruments, concentrating on what I want to cultivate and what I want to let go of.  There is a re-organising process and a further developing of symbols and concepts from several spiritual traditions, and I explore how these elements can be used today, their relevance in a contemporary context."

 Åsa is also involved in a touring exhibition project with her brother Pär entitled DIPTYK in which they explore spirituality through the use of artefacts and icons in the form of prints, sculptures, paintings, drawings, mixed media and assemblage, the collecting of prayers and the screening of
movies in the North of Sweden.


Tuesday, 5 August 2014


lives and works as an artist in Paris, France.

Her artistic practice has been about process, drawing, painting and making objects since her first exhibition in 1990 as a resident at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. Her recent project, called "Floating Thoughts", shown in 2011, reveals an ongoing process and research that was initiated by a sentence, seemingly absurd and abstract, overheard in a simple conversation years before.

Véronique exhibits in France and in Germany, represented by the Gallery Benninger in Cologne.
A recent publication (spring 2012), Collection 4 - Art & Design Education, includes an essay about a collaborative drawing project designed in 2009 entitled "Paroles et Dessins", a live performance/experimental class using Skype at the "CentQuatre" in Paris.

Véronique has been involved in art education since obtaining her degree at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, through teaching in different art schools, and since 2011 as the Chair of Fine Arts at Paris College of Art.


Friday, 1 August 2014

Sending Artworks of Value into Australia

After a recent incident with a participating artist's consignment I would like to advise other artists sending artwork of value into Australia they may be charged a government goods and services tax equalling 10% of the value of their artwork if they do not clearly state that the contents of their parcel are on loan for the duration of the Personal Histories exhibition and have not been purchased.  

If any artists have concerns about this I would advise you to apply for a Carnet from Australian Customs before dispatching your parcel.  You can do this by forwarding an enquiry to the National Temporary Imports and Securities section of Australian Customs via email (

Australian Customs and Excise have a specific clause covering artworks of value entering Australia which are on loan for exhibition purposes and which are to be returned within a 12 month period.  These works do not attract the 10% goods and services tax if it is acknowledged they are to be returned to the artist at the end of the exhibition period.  However, artworks of value which are purchased or remain in the country will attract this 10% fee, either if they are purchased or if the works are not returned within 12 months.  You are more likely to be charged this fee if your artwork is of higher value and you are using a courier to forward your artworks as the courier company will be responsible for clearing your parcel through customs.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Feature Artist - TRACIE TOOHEY

was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1962.  
She has lived in Bairnsdale, East Gippsland, Australia for the past 19 years.

Tracie completed her Diploma of Visual Arts in 2006 as a mature age student, majoring in painting.  Her chosen medium for the next five years was oil on canvas, with her subject matter being portraits.  Tracie has since been focusing on works on paper and for the past year has been involved in making artist books.

"In my work I use natural materials, found objects to develop images on paper.  My work is full of interesting shapes, colour and textures.  It is spontaneous an often becomes another piece to what it was initially intended.  I want to share with the viewer some of my experiences with nature and to enable this I find myself constantly fossicking foraging and collecting what nature has discarded and repurposing it into various images and forms of art."

For the Personal Histories exhibition Tracie is contributing a sculptural artist book with a very personal subject matter.  The work is entitled "Let me tell you about my dad....".  In this sculptural work she shares excerpts of a letter received from someone unknown to her after the death of her father.  The work itself depicts aspects of her father's personality, his nomadic tendencies, and the ensuing effect this had on his relationship with his family.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Feature Artist - MARINA BANCROFT

is a mixed media artist based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Marina has a background in biological sciences and visual arts.  In the last few years she has focused on experimenting with collage and using her artist's books to express her ideas about the world.

Marina enjoys working with a variety of materials, paper and canvas.  Marina is delighted to observe the mystery as patterns emerge out of chaos only to fall back into the unknown.  By approaching her work intuitively she can best bring together natural and man-made elements into a work that feels complete.  The meaning becomes clear later and may change over time.  Part of the fascination with this process is the viewer's response to the suggestive shapes and forms. 

Marina has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout North America, as well as New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and most recently, in Italy.  
Her works are part of numerous public and private collections.


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Feature Artist - BETH EVANS

is a visual artist with a background as a Chiropractor and Osteopath.  Working from The Tannery Print Studio in Adelaide, Beth creates artwork that takes its inspiration from her former career as a health professional.  Her work includes artists books, printmaking and small-scale bronze sculpture.  She uses a wide range of techniques often combining traditional processes with digital technology.

Beth created her first limited edition book as a student in 2004.  Since then she has continued to make a variety of artists books, some as discrete works and others that intersect thematically with her print and bronze works.  Much of her work is emblematic of her ongoing fascination with the human form and its functionality; other books come from her personal history.  These present an often outlandish story that simultaneously thrills and amuses, taking the viewer back to their childhood.

In 2011 Beth was awarded an ArtsSA Professional Development Grant to complete a month long residency at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder in Norway.  Her residency culminated with an exhibition of her work investigating the religious and folk magic origins of healing.  Then in 2012 she was international artist in residence at Chhaap Foundation for Printmaking Trust in  Gujarat, India where she gave a series of lectures on non-toxic printmaking and taught photopolymer workshops.