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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Feature Artist - ROSE RIGLEY

I am very excited to begin featuring some of the 
talented artists involving themselves with this project: 

The first Feature Artist I would like to introduce is

Rose Rigley

Rose is based in Far North Queensland (East Coast - Australia) 
and is fully engaged with her community 
through the Artist-Run-Initiative 


Below are words and images Rose kindly forwarded to share with you.

Memory cluster 2012
mixed media installation
Photography - Michael Marzik

Sense trigger I 2012
mixed media and perspex
Photography - Michael Marzik

Sense trigger I 2012 (detail)
mixed media and perspex
Photography - Michael Marzik
all images copyright of the artist

Rose Rigley is a far north Queensland visual artist whose practice investigates both two dimensional and three dimensional platforms. She explores the human condition with a particular emphasis on memory, investigating patterns of intergenerational behavior and finding a narrative in the ordinary and mundane.  In recent works, Rose considers the inextricable links between past experiences and the current individual perceptions; using books as the material in her process, deconstructing and reassembling these objects, to create new forms for the conveyance and storage of memories.
With her Artist-run-initiative, Knock Knock, Rose has established an ongoing program of curated group exhibitions and community engagement events, as well as participating in numerous group exhibitions, both regionally and nationally, and holding four solo exhibitions.  In 2013, Rose was shortlisted for a number of artist opportunities including the 2013 Libris Awards, the 2013 EGAG Books Beyond Words Awards, the Lethbridge 1000 Art Awards, the Queensland Regional Art Awards, along with participation in the 4th Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize, UK. In 2014, she will exhibit a major body of works at Cairns Regional Gallery as part of their Emerging Artist Program.

Rose's Mum in the "Book Room"

I cannot remember a time when books did not feature in my life, so there is an almost inevitability to the use of them in my art practice.  My father, now dead more than 20 years, was an avid reader and, as a library technician, a great book lover.  My mother, an unrepentant hoarder, has kept his collection & added  to it. For me, there is great comfort in going home to my mother's house and being in the "book room" - a room of three walls of floor to ceiling books - as it connects me back to my father and to the  hours I spent reading quietly alongside him as a child.
(Rigley 2013).


  1. Wonderful artist I like these works very much !!
    Thanks for sharing. I am quite excited that we will have Rose involved in our project. By the way I have finally got my video footage of my latest artists book edition finalized so I will beabale to upload it very soon to You Tube. I will post about it, on my blog
    Are you signed up for email updates?

    best wishes

    Aine Scannell

  2. Hi Aine, I agree - Rose's work is great and a very welcome addition to the project!
    I'll put a link to your footage on this site when it's available. Sounds very interesting.