Personal Histories Artist Book Exhibition

Bringing together artists from around the globe to share their own stories in artist book form. Sharing similarities, diversities and individual perspectives. Highlighting the dynamic world of artist books.

REDLAND MUSEUM: 12 October - 30 November 2014
REDLAND ART GALLERY: 29 March - 10 May 2015
UNSW CANBERRA: 28 September - 11 December 2015

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Feature Artist - TAMARA TRACZ

is a visual artist from the United Kingdom who identifies herself as an artist, experimental film maker and writer. 

Following the birth of her children and the limitations of time that go with raising small children, Tamara has ably channelled her talents into artist book making.  

"When my daughter was born my filmmaking came to an abrupt and (for me) surprising stop.  I was unable to combine the intensity of motherhood with the concentration of long hours of film.  From the beginning this was difficult.  It wasn't a difficult decision.  I wanted to be with and care for my baby.  I loved her and I loved the work, with its many surprising challenges.  But I found it frustrating not making something - something of my own.  I took up knitting, but it didn't quite stop the gap."

Three Books is Tamara's first public venture into the artist book genre.  A set of three professionally bound and published books housed in a slipcase, they are filled with personal imagery and various forms of handwritten text which change in size and font throughout the journey of the book.   Three Books is a sensitive portrayal of Tamara's understanding of and connection with her family history, with the books working equally well as objects and as narrative text.

All images Sue Parkhill - copyright of the artist Tamara Tracz

Tamara has requested the books be handled and read by exhibition audiences rather than exhibited in non-accessible display cases, as the story contained in the books is an integral element in interpreting their existence.

Tamara is also currently working with fellow artist (and Personal Histories participant) Sue Parkhill  on an online collaborative project entitled This is Where We Are Right Now, ostensibly with Tamara providing the words and Sue providing the images.  

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