Personal Histories Artist Book Exhibition

Bringing together artists from around the globe to share their own stories in artist book form. Sharing similarities, diversities and individual perspectives. Highlighting the dynamic world of artist books.

REDLAND MUSEUM: 12 October - 30 November 2014
REDLAND ART GALLERY: 29 March - 10 May 2015
UNSW CANBERRA: 28 September - 11 December 2015

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Feature Artist - JENNY HOAK

is an artist born and raised in Boise, Idaho, USA and has resided there for thirty years.  She is currently teaching in her fourth year at the Cooperative Preschool in downtown Boise.  Jenny is a senior at Boise State University and will graduate this coming December.  She is a dual BFA major in Art Education and Visual Arts, and is also pursuing a minor in Spanish.  Jenny explores a variety of printmaking processes within her work, and has recently been exploring the possibilities of intaglio etching and screenprint.

Jenny's submission for the Personal Histories exhibition is entitled "Meet Me There", an accordion fold format book with etchings, screen print and cut outs.

"Dreams serve as pathways to other worlds that blur the boundary between the real and the imaginative.  My subconscious is easily manipulated by my interaction with painful memories and family documents.  As a child, the influence of these experiences led to nightmares, but as an adult my journey has been much different.  Now I encounter spaces where my feelings of sadness and grief transform into sceneries of peace, contentment and harmony.

Recreating my dreams is an essential element of my grieving and my work.  The process of etching is therapeutic  for me as I peel away more of a memory and reveal one more layer of myself.  "Meet Me There" is inspired by unresolved emotions surrounding events from my childhood.  The etchings reflect the diverse dream-like worlds I encounter when searching for my father and are a direct response to the grief I feel regarding his physical absence."


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